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Aloe Drug Mart specializes in the treatment of chronic disease states, compounding, herbal / natural remedies, and patient counseling. With over 15 years of experience in retail, long term care, and hospital pharmacy, the staff are extremely knowledgeable of how retail pharmacies can optimize the patient experience with the support of educated pharmacists – more... and technicians. Aloe Drug Mart provides medication delivery to patients, has an excellent rapport with its prescribers, and are familiar with quality measures governing pharmacy practice. This is a work friendly environment willing to offer everyone a great opportunity to be of service.

Aloe Drug Mart's commitment is to save you time and money while looking for low cost prescriptions. We strive to provide you with superior prescription services and quality customer care. If you are not sure about your current prescriptions, please call and talk to one of our Pharmacists on duty. At Aloe Drug Mart, we understand that you depend on getting the right medications when you need them. Additionally, we know how important it is that you trust the Pharmacist who's preparing them for you. Aloe Drug Mart is independently owned by a Pharmacist who knows you by name. What makes Aloe Drug Mart different is that here, we answer directly to our customers and not to corporate headquarters. We do not cost more, we only care more.

Ade Adimula

Pharmacist in charge